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Polymer clay sticking to cutters?

Posted by Elena Segers on

  • Cool down your clay before cutting it. Clay heats up as you work with it and it gets stickier, therefore it is more likely to stick to the cutter. Let the clay sit for a while or even consider putting it in the fridge.
  • Lay a cling wrap on top of your clay, before cutting. The cling wrap will separate the clay from the cutter therefore your cutters or stamps will always be clean.
  • Dust your cutters with corn starch, using a paintbrush or simply dip the cutter in it and tap off the excess before cutting. It will create a barrier between the cutter and clay.
  • Dip cutters in water before cutting the clay.
  • Press half-way first and then once again till the end. 
  • Experiment with the surface you are cutting your shapes on. Some surfaces are better than the other. Use a surface which has a good adhesion, like a ceramic or terracotta tile, a glass or plexiglass.
  • Change your clay. Some clays are softer than the other, especially Sculpey III. We recommend switching to harder clays, like Cernit, Fimo, Premo, Souffle.