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How to remove air bubbles from polymer clay?

Posted by Elena Segers on

Bubbles in polymer clay are caused by trapped air. It usually happens when you condition your clay.

These tips will help you minimize the bubbles during polymer clay conditioning:

  • Soft clay will trap more air bubbles, so try to leach out soft polymer clay as your first step.
  • Tear the clay instead of folding. Every time you fold your clay, the air gets trapped inside. If you are using a pasta machine, slide the fold into the rollers first.
  • You can remove air bubbles by popping them with a needle or blade and then flatten the clay. Stretching a sheet of clay helps release some air.

Remove air bubbles from the baked polymer clay with acetone. Dip a cotton swab in acetone and gently rub over the bump. Use this method on a test piece first, as acetone may change the color of your clay.