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How to soften hard polymer clay?

Posted by Elena Segers on

Even the hardest clay is salvageable. Here is the list of our favourite methods to transform rock-hard clay into soft clay that’s ready for shaping.

  • Warm the clay with body heat, in your hands or by sitting on top of it.
  • Warm the clay with hot tap water. Put the clay in a plastic bag, seal it so that water does not touch the clay. Place the plastic bag with clay in a bowl with hot tap water.
  • Add translucent clay.
  • Soften the clay by hitting it with a mallet. Put your clay in a plastic bag. Take a rubber mallet and hit the clay until it gets soft.
  • Use Cernit Magic Mix, as shown in the video:
    • Crush the clay into dust.
    • Add Cernit Magic Mix.
    • Mix to form one mass.
    • Break bubbles in a rolling pin or a pasta machine.
    • Roll with your hands to warm up the clay.
    • Leave clay to rest and use it as normal.