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Witch hat

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The set includes 2 mirrored cutters.
The size refers to the height.
The dimensions are:
H: 20 mm / 0.8 in - W: 22 mm / 0.9 in
H: 25 mm / 1 in - W: 27 mm / 1.1 in
H: 32 mm / 1.25 in - W: 35 mm / 1.4 in

Thickness of the clay slab must be between 2-3 mm thick to achieve the best result.
  • All sizes are for the final product (clay piece after the cut), and not the size of the tool.
  • The cutters have a sharp edge for a clear clean cut.
  • The depth of each cutter is 10 mm / 0.4 inch.
  • All cutters are printed in a vibrant red color.
  • Every item is tested and inspected for quality.
  • Made of food safe hard plastic (PLA). It is a biodegradable, environmentally friendly material derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane.
  • Care instructions are available here.


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